Bible Trivia With Answers

Bible Trivia With Answers

Informative trivia questions and answers about the Holy Bible. Test your bible knowledge with this informative trivia. See how well you know the bible stories.

Bible Trivia 

Test your knowledge of the Holy Bible with these trivia questions.


1. What is the oldest Bible in the world? 

Answer: Codex Sinaiticus.

2. What is the most expensive bible in the world? 

Answer: Gutenberg Bible.

3. Where was the first bible printed?

 Answer: Mainz, Germany. 

4. What is the longest bible in the verse? 

Answer: Esther 8:9. 

5. How many surviving Gutenberg bibles are there?

 Answer: 49 copies.

6. What is the longest word in the bible? 

Answer: Maher-shalal-hash-baz. 

7. How many women are mentioned in the bible? 

Answer: 93 women.

8. What is the first verse in the bible? 

Answer: Genesis 1:1. 

9. What language was the Bible originally written in? 

Answer: Hebrew.

10. How many books are there in the New Testament? 

Answer: 27.

11. According to the New Testament, what city was Jesus born in? 

Answer: Bethlehem.

12. How many books are in the Old Testament? 

Answer: 39

13. How many verses are there in the Bible? 

Answer: 31,102 verses. 

14. Who wrote most of the New Testament? 

Answer: Paul the Apostle.

15. For how many days was Noah in the Ark? 

Answer: 150 days. 

16. What is the Pentateuch? 

Answer: The first five books of the bible.

17. Who translated the bible to English for the first time? 

Answer: John Wycliffe.

18. What is the longest book in the bible? 

Answer: Psalm 119.

19. Who is the chief author of the Old Testament? 

Answer: Moses.

20. In how many languages has the full bible been translated into? 

Answer: 704

21. When was the first bible printed? 

Answer: 1455.

22. How many pages are there in the Gutenberg Bible? 

Answer: 1286 pages.

23. What is the most used word in the bible? 

Answer: Lord.

24. What is the shortest book in the bible? 

Answer: Book of Obadiah.

25. When was Jesus first mentioned in the Bible? 

Answer: Matthew 1:1.

26. In how many days did God create the earth? 

Answer: Six days.

27. How many plagues did God send to Egypt? 

Answer: 10. 

28. What is the longest chapter in the bible? 

Answer: Psalm 119. 

29. What is the 10th commandment? 

Answer: Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's goods. 

30. How many demons did Mary Magdalene have?

Answer: Seven demons.


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