First Date Tips

First Date Tips

first date tips for guys and girls and tips on virtual dates. Try our best tips for a exciting first date with the person you like the most

First Date Tips 

First Date Tips for Guys 

1. Don’t be overbearing.

2. Make small gestures like opening doors, pulling out chairs, etc.

3. Always ask permission before touching her.

4. Make sure to take her somewhere she is comfortable. 

5. Don't talk about your exes.

6. Compliment her outfit or jewelry. 

7. If it’s cold offer her your jacket.

8. Always let her know before changing plans. 

9. Try not to check your phone. 

10. Listen to her when she talks and ask questions. 


First Date Tips for Girls 

1. Let your date know which places you are comfortable meeting in. 

2. Compliment your date. 

3. Offer to split the bill.

4. Ask him about his interests.

5.     Make sure to respect his comfort and boundaries.

6. If you are not comfortable with something, make sure to let your date know.

7. Don’t leave everything up to your date and take part in planning.

8. Surprise them by showing up with a small gift.


First Date tips for virtual dates 

1. Make sure you are in a place with good lighting. 

2. Consider ordering the same food and virtually sharing a meal. 

3. Virtual watch parties to binge on movies or shows can be fun. 

4. Dance off! Playing some fun music and having a dance-off is a great idea. 

5. Try working out or doing yoga together. 

6. Try playing games like or virtual reality adventures together. 

7. Cooking a meal over a video call.

8. Playing instruments or singing together.

9. Show your date something you collect, it may be books, cards or anything else.

10. If you have any pets, show them off for extra cuteness.


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